Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Ow. The Stanley Cup is kicking my ass. I may have to be a scratch for this evening's knitting, due to carpal tunnel. On the other hand, soon the muscles on my fingers will be quite nicely sculpted. :)

And it's only about a half-size Stanley Cup. I'm glad I downsized: full-size, which I may do eventually--would probably kill me.

Does Gary Roberts knit? I could use some help.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Is this Heaven?

It's not quite Heaven, and I'm not there yet, but this summer I'm going to work at a place that has both margaritas and a nice yarn store within walking distance. The only fly in this drunken knitting ointment is that I don't think there's cable or reliable internet, so it's going to be tough to keep tabs on the playoff hockey.

Also, the producer is, as usual, being damn slow about calling me back, and if I'm gonna get there in time for the first show, I need to buy a plane ticket ASAP. I just need a few more details before I start shopping. And then, singing, tequila, and yarn. Eventually there will be a salt water pool and a sauna involved, but that's not in the same place as the yarn.

I guess a girl can't have everything.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

playoff hockey!

Playoff hockey means extra-special knitting. In my case, it means knitting a (nearly) life-sized Stanley Cup. I should get the barrel done during tonight's game, and then it's on to the fiddly top part, which will not be nearly as mindless, especially since I'm more or less making it up as I go. Really. I am. I've made a couple of small Stanley Cup prototypes, but the full-sized one will be a whole different bag of chips, I'm thinking.

And to think, when I started knitting, that I swore I would never be That Person who knits giant gloves for hand chairs and the like. Well, now I'm totally That Person. I'm going to own a big ol' stuffed Stanley Cup.

I'm kinda awesome.