Wednesday, June 25, 2008

sleeve saga

Guess who knit about twelve inches of sleeve before deciding that it's probably not wide enough?



Fortunately I'm ahead enough in the quota that I still kind of rock.

However, this pushes my playing-with-other-yarn-date even further into the future.

Ah well. Did I mention that I got five-dollar leopard flats yesterday? Rack Room Shoes is my new best friend.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

getting cocky

Who's about three inches into the first sleeve?

That's right: I am.

Rock on, me.

(And no, this industry is in no way connected to the fact that I bought some linen yarn yesterday and I'm dying to see how it knits up. The sooner I get this blue madness finished, the sooner I can play in the Euroflax.)

Monday, June 23, 2008

still knitting blue stuff

The blue sweater is scooting along nicely. There's no point in pictures: I'm working on the front now, which is basically just like the back.

The reason the sweater is moving along so quickly is that I panicked last week and imposed knitting quotas, basically three inches a day. I'm not allowed to do anything fun till I get it done. So I get up and I knit an inch, and then I do an inch at dinner break and an inch at night. You would not believe how quick you can finish an Aran sweater when you've got goals and quotas--and no boys to distract you. This may actually be the key to my current knitting success: the fact that I've been separated from all my friends. I'll be reunited with most of them in a week or so, so I really need to haul ass on the sweater. But I've got three days off coming up, so the front will be finished by Tuesday, and I'll then get going on the sleeves.

And I have a feeling I'm gonna be buying yarn tomorrow. I don't need any yarn, but I do need a treat. My current show is a soul-sucking piece of crap, and my God, do I deserve a treat. I have to lead the audience participation section. I deserve all the yarn I want. Too bad I'm not being paid enough to afford all the yarn I want. Ah well. I'll pick up a little something, because also, when I'm reunited with the friends, there will not be any yarn in walking distance, and I need something to pet while I'm in Galveston.