Monday, January 31, 2011

more random knitted items!

Because we know that's what I do best.

First we have Sourwood Mountain. This is the second pair of these mitts I've made. They're surprisingly quick, and I think they're so pretty. The only modification I made was that I didn't bind off the thumb gusset where the pattern says to, instead I put the stitches on some waste yarn so I could do some rows of stockinette and ribbing later. It makes the thumb hole much less constrictive.

And here we have the start of a pair of Goldfish Mittens (or Purplefish, as the case may be) for a toddler friend of mine. I hope she's ok with having fish hands. These knit up at the speed of light and are super cute. Like, SUPER CUTE. Bow to the cuteness.

Last, we've got a tiny sweater. It's a surprise for someone out there! I really just threw it together, but I kind of love the color combination and the (extremely simple) pattern, so I may see if I can squeeze a pair of fingerless mitts out of the yarn bits I have left. I have plenty of the dark blue, and probably enough green, but the light blue could be a problem.

I am also knitting away on my latest seat-of-the-pants sweater. The body is almost finished. I imagine I'll have it finished by the end of this week, and then then sleeves shouldn't take much time at all, and then, yay! Sweater!

This reminds me, I should make sure I actually have a full set of size 10 dpns. I have been losing needles like nobody's business lately.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

nothing super interesting to report . . .

But I am knitting! Just try and stop me, really. :)

I've made this cute wee hat for a friend's impending baby:

It's a Gooseberry Hat, by Suvi Simola And here's a close-up of the antenna. This hat is v. cute in person, but I haven't managed to get a photo that really does justice to the cute.

And then I'm doing a pair of BonBons, which are almost finished, as in so finished that I think I only have to bind off the second one and do the thumb, but I don't love them as much as I thought I would, so the finishing motivation has been hard to find.

I've made a Boring Man Hat, too boring to photograph, and now I'm knitting on a recycled-yarn striped raglan sweater for me. It's good show knitting, though I really should separate the sleeves before I head over to rehearsal today.

Friday, January 7, 2011

the first projects of 2011!

Right. So the Stripey Gloves have become Stripey Mitts. I think I'll get more wear of them that way. I think I'm just going to buy some black gloves to wear under them. (The whole "get more wear" thing may just be a graceful cover for "I don't feel like knitting fingers.") Anyway, I love them. I love the fabric this yarn made on US4 needles. I love the cute little yellow edge I did at the finger line, which you will get to see eventually. For now, an in-progress photo:

And then I finished the Cap Karma Hat for my grandma. It seems plenty large to me. If it doesn't fit, I am going to decide that people are just messing with me about their heads being gigantic, and no one is getting another gift hat ever again.

What shall I make next? I have some super-secret stuff I'm making for a swap, and I'm going to make a Boring Man Hat for my brother--or maybe I'll do something silly with a Transformers logo on it--and then who knows? Mittens for me? I won't have to knit fingers . . .

Monday, January 3, 2011

What shall we knit this year?

Somehow last year turned into a year of colorwork. Not sure what happened there, but I sure got excited about the stranded knitting. I wonder what this year's fad will be? At this point it's not going to be colorwork, because I can't stand the thought of it, and am ready for some nice fake cables or lace or something.

I've started a Cap Karma Hat by Smariek Knits for my grandma's birthday. It has some nice little cables. It's also out of some pain-in-the-tushie acrylic, but I don't trust my grandma not to wash it, so acrylic it must be.

I'm making a pair of gloves for me--in worsted so maybe I will get them done before winter is over--in the rest of my Draygone Yarns' hockey worsted. Pens colorway, of course. They don't match my coat, but oh well. Black and yellow seem to go with anything around here.

Anyway. Just a brief start-of-year sum up! I think I would like to make myself a sweater this year, and I really need to finish my Vernal Equinox Shawl. Holy hell. It's gorgeous and it's been sitting in a lump for at least three months waiting for its crocheted edging.