Friday, January 7, 2011

the first projects of 2011!

Right. So the Stripey Gloves have become Stripey Mitts. I think I'll get more wear of them that way. I think I'm just going to buy some black gloves to wear under them. (The whole "get more wear" thing may just be a graceful cover for "I don't feel like knitting fingers.") Anyway, I love them. I love the fabric this yarn made on US4 needles. I love the cute little yellow edge I did at the finger line, which you will get to see eventually. For now, an in-progress photo:

And then I finished the Cap Karma Hat for my grandma. It seems plenty large to me. If it doesn't fit, I am going to decide that people are just messing with me about their heads being gigantic, and no one is getting another gift hat ever again.

What shall I make next? I have some super-secret stuff I'm making for a swap, and I'm going to make a Boring Man Hat for my brother--or maybe I'll do something silly with a Transformers logo on it--and then who knows? Mittens for me? I won't have to knit fingers . . .

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