Monday, January 31, 2011

more random knitted items!

Because we know that's what I do best.

First we have Sourwood Mountain. This is the second pair of these mitts I've made. They're surprisingly quick, and I think they're so pretty. The only modification I made was that I didn't bind off the thumb gusset where the pattern says to, instead I put the stitches on some waste yarn so I could do some rows of stockinette and ribbing later. It makes the thumb hole much less constrictive.

And here we have the start of a pair of Goldfish Mittens (or Purplefish, as the case may be) for a toddler friend of mine. I hope she's ok with having fish hands. These knit up at the speed of light and are super cute. Like, SUPER CUTE. Bow to the cuteness.

Last, we've got a tiny sweater. It's a surprise for someone out there! I really just threw it together, but I kind of love the color combination and the (extremely simple) pattern, so I may see if I can squeeze a pair of fingerless mitts out of the yarn bits I have left. I have plenty of the dark blue, and probably enough green, but the light blue could be a problem.

I am also knitting away on my latest seat-of-the-pants sweater. The body is almost finished. I imagine I'll have it finished by the end of this week, and then then sleeves shouldn't take much time at all, and then, yay! Sweater!

This reminds me, I should make sure I actually have a full set of size 10 dpns. I have been losing needles like nobody's business lately.

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