Thursday, May 29, 2008

now with pictures!

So here's the blue thingie I've been working on. Not bad, huh? The front will have a slightly wider honeycomb pattern, and probably a few more purl stitches between the honeycomb and its basic cable neighbors, but other than that, I'm really pleased with it. It's knitting up very quickly, and it appears to be the right size. And I believe I'll have enough yarn. (Did I mention that yesterday? It's so hard to remember what I've said. Sorry if I'm repetitious. Enjoy the blue.)
I kind of love these superimposed wave cables. You know I'm gonna make myself an Aran sweater next (because omigod I'm having so much fun making this one) and it'll probably have quite a few of the same motifs. Because I like them. Don't worry, I'll mix them up enough that we won't have mother-daughter sweaters. I'm too old for that.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

living on the edge

1. Watching hockey game.

2. Drinking beer.

3. Knitting Aran sweater.

4. Clearly insane.

tangled up in blue

So yes, I have internet access, but I can't get blogger to work at home, only at the coffee shop. Pain in the ass.

Anyway, because I am a contrary sort of person, I've started on the massive blue Aran sweater. There was an ugly moment earlier in the week when I was trying to get the cables to line up with the ribbing, and getting really pissed off, and my iTunes shuffle decided to play me Tangled Up In Blue. How did it know? Is Apple that all-powerful? I've got it sorted out now, and it actually looks quite nice, though I think I'm going to change things just a bit for the front of the sweater. I don't think my mom will care if her sweater's not entirely matching. I wouldn't. And I'm starting rehearsal for another show on Monday, so I don't really have time to undo and re-do. Not if I'm gonna get this thing done by the middle of July. Actually, it's going really quickly, so it'll be fine--I just don't want to take any chances.

My pink stockinette madness turned out pretty well--I should have made the neckline a bit smaller, and may still do something to it, but otherwise it's just a big sort of 80's influenced sweater that will keep me warm in Texas air conditioning this summer.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


You wouldn't believe how much knitting you can get done during a hockey game, especially if you're doing circular stockinette. I've almost got a pink sweater finished.

And now that I've got my own computer again (yay!) and reliable internet to go with it, here's a shot of my spring masterpiece, the Stanley Cup:

It's a little wiggly in the picture, but you get the idea. I just made a small sparkly one that's pretty sweet, too. There will probably be pictures to follow. Once I take them.

As for other knitting news: the yarn store in town has closed--but one of the stores on our quaint town square has a decent selection of yarn. This is bad, having nice yarn only a block away from me. That's right: a block away. I should just have all my paychecks sent there. I've already bought some cotton yarn whose name I can't remember, because I need a washcloth, and well, since I have no car, it'll seriously be faster and easier to knit one than to hitch a ride to go buy one. No one really wants to drive a lot, given gas prices. So I bought some green, and am knitting it up.

My next big project will be something for my mom's birthday. Like I said, I really want to make something big, complicated, and Aran, but I feel that the weather really lends itself more to something cotton. Actually, the yarn shop has some lovely Louet linens, which I would buy in a second if I knew how the stuff would behave. It's too pricey for poor little actor me to just buy some for kicks. Even though I know my mom would adore something made out of the navy blue.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Finally. I can haz computer!

I don't know why my happiness is making me speak in lolcat, but it is. A computer? I has it.

So. Awesome.

Anyway, in case you've been wondering what I've been up to:

I knit a Stanley Cup. Actually, I've knit (pause for counting) five Stanley Cups so far. This was the third, and the first that actually looked like a Stanley Cup.

If you're lucky, there will be pictures of the big one tomorrow. It's awesome.

I know you're like, what the hell, you've actually knit something that looks like its pattern, omg FREAK OUT, but don't worry, this really is recycled yarn from an unraveled Gap sweater. Any matching redness is merely coincidental. AND I've been unraveling an awesome light blue cashmere sweater (stained on the front) which will be turned into awesome lace sometime this summer.

And right now I'm doing a bloody slow, pain in my ass sewn bind-off on a shrug that I'm hoping will fit so I can wear it to a wedding on Saturday. Cross your fingers! And make me get the hell off the internet. The novelty of the computer has me stuck here posting pictures everywhere. Nooo! The horror! The horror!