Wednesday, May 28, 2008

tangled up in blue

So yes, I have internet access, but I can't get blogger to work at home, only at the coffee shop. Pain in the ass.

Anyway, because I am a contrary sort of person, I've started on the massive blue Aran sweater. There was an ugly moment earlier in the week when I was trying to get the cables to line up with the ribbing, and getting really pissed off, and my iTunes shuffle decided to play me Tangled Up In Blue. How did it know? Is Apple that all-powerful? I've got it sorted out now, and it actually looks quite nice, though I think I'm going to change things just a bit for the front of the sweater. I don't think my mom will care if her sweater's not entirely matching. I wouldn't. And I'm starting rehearsal for another show on Monday, so I don't really have time to undo and re-do. Not if I'm gonna get this thing done by the middle of July. Actually, it's going really quickly, so it'll be fine--I just don't want to take any chances.

My pink stockinette madness turned out pretty well--I should have made the neckline a bit smaller, and may still do something to it, but otherwise it's just a big sort of 80's influenced sweater that will keep me warm in Texas air conditioning this summer.

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