Wednesday, May 14, 2008


You wouldn't believe how much knitting you can get done during a hockey game, especially if you're doing circular stockinette. I've almost got a pink sweater finished.

And now that I've got my own computer again (yay!) and reliable internet to go with it, here's a shot of my spring masterpiece, the Stanley Cup:

It's a little wiggly in the picture, but you get the idea. I just made a small sparkly one that's pretty sweet, too. There will probably be pictures to follow. Once I take them.

As for other knitting news: the yarn store in town has closed--but one of the stores on our quaint town square has a decent selection of yarn. This is bad, having nice yarn only a block away from me. That's right: a block away. I should just have all my paychecks sent there. I've already bought some cotton yarn whose name I can't remember, because I need a washcloth, and well, since I have no car, it'll seriously be faster and easier to knit one than to hitch a ride to go buy one. No one really wants to drive a lot, given gas prices. So I bought some green, and am knitting it up.

My next big project will be something for my mom's birthday. Like I said, I really want to make something big, complicated, and Aran, but I feel that the weather really lends itself more to something cotton. Actually, the yarn shop has some lovely Louet linens, which I would buy in a second if I knew how the stuff would behave. It's too pricey for poor little actor me to just buy some for kicks. Even though I know my mom would adore something made out of the navy blue.

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