Tuesday, December 27, 2011

grandma mitts

I finished the two thumbs in plenty of time for everyone to have a Merry Christmas!

I have no idea if my grandma will actually wear them, but they were my dad's idea, so she could have something to keep her hands warm while she does her crossword puzzles. My grandma and I are always cold.

It feels so weird now, to have nothing I have to knit. And all the audiobooks I had on request at the library showed up this week, so I had better find something to knit on while I listen to them. I think I want to do another beaded thing, so I ordered a bunch of beads this morning. Which means I have to wait until they show up. What to do until then?

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

it's like Santa's workshop in here!

I'm finishing stuff left and right, y'all. I have about four rows left on a hat (I have to switch to double-points, that's why it's not finished,) an inch and a half of a fingerless mitt (ok, and two thumbs) and the foot of a worsted weight sock to do. HA. TOTALLY POSSIBLE. And the socks don't even really have to be finished, so whatever.

Anyway, look how the lace blob turned out! I like it, even if it is the second leafy thing I've made my mother this year. Oh well. She likes nature.

And this is a beaded Annis that's going in the handmade swap thingie. It's blocking even as we speak. It turned out really well, even if I'm not entirely sure I like the color of the beads with the yarn. Whatever. It's done, and people will like it. Ok, now I have to go unpin it so I can go to bed.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

a couple more gifts . . .

First up, a sock for my grandma. I have one sock finished for one grandma and one mitt finished for the other grandma. If we are lucky, they will each get a pair of items for Christmas. This is just an improvised slipper sock on size 7 needles in some extremely washable Vanna's Choice.

Next, this lovely black blob of recycled sweater will hopefully block out nicely enough to be a shawl for my mom. More details later, when I'm not so hungry. I only have three rows left, but they're rather long rows. I should know if it's any good tomorrow or the next day!

Friday, December 9, 2011


Time to get festive with the potholders! If I could just somehow convince myself to make random holiday potholders (and not just Christmas, all the holidays) throughout the year, my life would be so much easier.

Anyway, here we have a couple of DROPS patterns. This first one is actually a pattern for a potholder, not one of my usual hacked together jobs. It's a good pattern, just at my gauge it's maybe a little big knit in dishcloth cotton on size 3 needles. Pretty, though!

I used a reindeer chart from a sock pattern for this one. I think I should probably have used size 4 needles instead of size 5, but oh well. It'll do. And it may shrink a bit in the wash, so that's fine.

I have a plethora of other items on the go, so maybe there will be pictures of them soon. Oh, Christmas. You are such a mess.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

still here . . .

Ooof. This last week was exhausting. I had to do things too horrible and complicated to speak of.

I did manage to get some knitting in, though! I've got a few Christmasy things halfway done, and they are cute. Pictures to come when I am not too lazy to look for my camera, but there's a reindeer potholder involved, so.

In the meantime, I finally finished my Saroyan, and I'm quite fond of it:

It's all soft and warm and looks FABULOUS with my pink coat. My first project after Christmas is going to be fingerless gloves to match. Sweet!

And here's a picture (I'm really hoping I didn't already show you these, but I'm too lazy to look) of my unblocked Morgain. started another shawl for my mom.

I finished it about a week ago, but it's kind of an awkward shape/size--my size modifications were apparently not winners--so I started another black shawl for my mom. It was going along swimmingly until I messed something up a few days ago, and I have not had sufficient brainpower to fix it. Maybe tomorrow. Tomorrow it might be possible.