Tuesday, December 20, 2011

it's like Santa's workshop in here!

I'm finishing stuff left and right, y'all. I have about four rows left on a hat (I have to switch to double-points, that's why it's not finished,) an inch and a half of a fingerless mitt (ok, and two thumbs) and the foot of a worsted weight sock to do. HA. TOTALLY POSSIBLE. And the socks don't even really have to be finished, so whatever.

Anyway, look how the lace blob turned out! I like it, even if it is the second leafy thing I've made my mother this year. Oh well. She likes nature.

And this is a beaded Annis that's going in the handmade swap thingie. It's blocking even as we speak. It turned out really well, even if I'm not entirely sure I like the color of the beads with the yarn. Whatever. It's done, and people will like it. Ok, now I have to go unpin it so I can go to bed.

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Anonymous said...

The un-blob is beautiful! And I hope you get all your Christmas knitting done!