Monday, February 22, 2010


I don't know how this happens, but I keep making myself blue and green gloves and mitts and whatnot. Like, I have three pair of blue and green handwarmy items. Which is nice--I like blue and green--but my winter coat is PINK. Would it kill me to make a pair of gloves in maroon or something?

Apparently it would.

I was planning to make another pair of Latvian-inspired something anyway . . . maybe now is the time to find something Pink Coat Friendly? Unfortunately I don't have any maroon or burgundy. Would be nice with grey--which I have--AND my coat.

Omg, totally useless post. Um . . . I wore my blue and green Latvian Mitts out in public today, and they were lovely and warm. I might have to make a pair of full mittens. I don't know. Would I wear mittens?

Friday, February 19, 2010

first mitt!

Naturally it has been finished for a couple of days, and I am only just now getting around to posting the photo.

I think it turned out pretty well! Still not completely enamored of the colors, but plenty enamored enough to wear it. :)

The second mitt should be finished tonight. I'm just about done with the thumb gusset.

In other news, I've also finished another Square Circle Hat, this one to send to a friend in a sassy surprise care package. I just have to block it, and it'll be ready to go. Best of all, I've used up some leftover yarn from a sweater I made my mom, and I'm sending it far away, so no one will be all "Hurrrr, you made this out of your mom's sweater." Yes, haven't you ever heard of leftovers? Geez. Anyway, I'm quite fond of the hat. And the mitts!

And I think I may be getting the urge to knit more tiny sweaters. They're like crack cocaine, folks. Or maybe those sour cream and onion Pringles. Oh wow, I love those, and I can't even remember the last time I had any. This is probably for the best.

Monday, February 15, 2010

well gee whiz.

Good thing I started making this pair of stranded mitts, because the fucking snow is coming down again, so I'm gonna need something to wear over my gloves whilst I shovel.

I've actually finished the first mitt, and though I'm not really keen on the light blue, and the light green and dark blue don't look as good together on the hand as I'd hoped, whatever, it's still a pretty cute mitt-thingie. And it's very warm! I'm nearly finished with the cuff of the second one, so if I do some Olympics-watching tonight and tomorrow (and when I say 'if' I mean 'when') I'll have a nice new pair of mitts soon. Yay!

I'm also thinking, since these are so quick, of doing a pair of Endpaper Mitts in red and gray. I think that would be sort of awesome.

Also, opinion poll, how unisex do you think a pattern like this could be? You know, for Christmas Grab Bag Purposes. They're sort of addictive to make, and since no one is expecting a trunk of mittens as my dowry, I think it's best to find a use for them as gifts . . . I just don't know if something of this sort, however manly in color, is something an American dude would wear. (I'm expecting there will still be more women than men in this grab bag, but still. The last pair of mitts I put in were very much girls-only, and I'd like to do something that's at least dude-possible this time.)

Friday, February 12, 2010

gettin' ready!

You guys, have I mentioned how much I love the Olympics? Like, I ADORE them, even the stuff like curling. I could watch the Olympics 24/7 and not get bored. I think I prefer the Winter Olympics (hockey and figure skating and curling! Whee!) as a general thing, but the Summer Olympics will always have a special place in my heart because in 2000 they kept me company while slogging through tough music theory homework and learning a really difficult opera score. Male swimmers make all that so much better.

But what does this have to do with knitting, you ask? It has to do with me finally deciding to make the darn Latvian Mitts, though I still don't know if I will like them, and if I don't like them there's a chance I will just chuck them and do Endpaper Mitts. I've even decided on my color scheme: two shades each of green and blue, and one of purple. There is also a chance that the purple will be swapped out for red or yellow, if I don't like it. There is another chance that I will make purple and green Endpaper Mitts. Anything could happen!

Mostly I just wish the Olympics would start already. And I hope the Georgian team decides to stay and play, because I know that if I were the athlete who died, I would not want the rest of the team to withdraw out of some misguided respect for me. Now, if they're too shaken up to compete, ok, I could see that, but I think any athlete would want their teammates to get it done.

Anyway. That got sad! I hope there is at least one moose in the opening ceremony. I have my fingers crossed for a moose.

Monday, February 8, 2010

stuff that is happening:

1. Still working on the purple and grey sweater. I thought I'd be on to the sleeves by now, but apparently my body is really, really long. Am hopeful that I can be done soon, though am now worried that the sleeves will have to be three-quarter.

2. Lots of snow. I mean, HOLY CRAP LOTS OF SNOW, and there is supposed to be more tomorrow. Awesome. And by 'awesome' I mean ENOUGH ALREADY.

3. I made a pair of baby socks--the orange and yellow ones--and they're quite cute. Naturally, no pictures have been taken. I'm taking pictures of snow this week, not socks.

4. I've shown the tiny sweaters to a couple of people, and they invariably make people laugh. They're so cute and weird and multitudinous.

5. I have contemplated colors for my (theoretical) Latvian Mitts, but not actually knit any of them together to see how they will actually look. I clearly want an adventure.

6. You know all that knitwear I make? I've been wearing it, lots of it, because it's so darn cold. My Aeolian shawl might as well be grafted to my neck. That's right, I believe in shoveling snow in fluffy-ass hand-knit lace. And then there are the socks and the hats--though I have a truly ridiculous white fake fur hat that I prefer to wear for shoveling, it's very warm--and the mitts . . . hell yeah, my hobby comes in handy. Go me!