Monday, February 15, 2010

well gee whiz.

Good thing I started making this pair of stranded mitts, because the fucking snow is coming down again, so I'm gonna need something to wear over my gloves whilst I shovel.

I've actually finished the first mitt, and though I'm not really keen on the light blue, and the light green and dark blue don't look as good together on the hand as I'd hoped, whatever, it's still a pretty cute mitt-thingie. And it's very warm! I'm nearly finished with the cuff of the second one, so if I do some Olympics-watching tonight and tomorrow (and when I say 'if' I mean 'when') I'll have a nice new pair of mitts soon. Yay!

I'm also thinking, since these are so quick, of doing a pair of Endpaper Mitts in red and gray. I think that would be sort of awesome.

Also, opinion poll, how unisex do you think a pattern like this could be? You know, for Christmas Grab Bag Purposes. They're sort of addictive to make, and since no one is expecting a trunk of mittens as my dowry, I think it's best to find a use for them as gifts . . . I just don't know if something of this sort, however manly in color, is something an American dude would wear. (I'm expecting there will still be more women than men in this grab bag, but still. The last pair of mitts I put in were very much girls-only, and I'd like to do something that's at least dude-possible this time.)

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