Monday, February 8, 2010

stuff that is happening:

1. Still working on the purple and grey sweater. I thought I'd be on to the sleeves by now, but apparently my body is really, really long. Am hopeful that I can be done soon, though am now worried that the sleeves will have to be three-quarter.

2. Lots of snow. I mean, HOLY CRAP LOTS OF SNOW, and there is supposed to be more tomorrow. Awesome. And by 'awesome' I mean ENOUGH ALREADY.

3. I made a pair of baby socks--the orange and yellow ones--and they're quite cute. Naturally, no pictures have been taken. I'm taking pictures of snow this week, not socks.

4. I've shown the tiny sweaters to a couple of people, and they invariably make people laugh. They're so cute and weird and multitudinous.

5. I have contemplated colors for my (theoretical) Latvian Mitts, but not actually knit any of them together to see how they will actually look. I clearly want an adventure.

6. You know all that knitwear I make? I've been wearing it, lots of it, because it's so darn cold. My Aeolian shawl might as well be grafted to my neck. That's right, I believe in shoveling snow in fluffy-ass hand-knit lace. And then there are the socks and the hats--though I have a truly ridiculous white fake fur hat that I prefer to wear for shoveling, it's very warm--and the mitts . . . hell yeah, my hobby comes in handy. Go me!

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