Saturday, January 30, 2010

speedy delivery!

Remember that yarn I ordered on Wednesday? Of course you do: it was my previous post. :) Anyway, it arrived today! That sure was quick. And just in time, too, because I was sitting here all out of Tiny Sweater Inspiration. Perhaps new colors will do the trick.

The orange and yellow stuff, while not quite as bright as I would like, is still pretty nice. I think it will work. It'll just have to be a slightly sophisticated baby, not all bright and wild. Well, ok, the orange is still pretty bright. The baby will most likely be able to see it.

AS for the rest of the yarn, this is the first time my monitor has deceived me as to color: there was a red (should have expected this, with red, right?) that looked to be much more of a purple-red on my monitor, but in real life it's pretty straight-up red. Still a red with a blue undertone, so it will not go to waste around here, but something closer to purple would have suited my other colors better. Also not entirely certain of the light blue, but again, it won't go to waste.

The needle I ordered is the tiniest wee cute thing ever. 16-inch 2.25mm needle anyone? Shall we take bets on how quickly I lose it?

Anyway, yay! Now to look for baby sock patterns. I'll probably just do Basic Sock and cute it up with the colors, but you never know.

LATER! Here's the yarn:

The stuff with the labels on is the new yarn: I stuffed the rest of my Palette in the box so I could see how it all looks together. I'm not too keen on the dark green, but I'm sure it'll come in handy somewhere down the road.

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