Sunday, January 10, 2010


I finally finished this, a ginormous hat for my mom's ginormous head. I have it pulled down over my glasses in this picture. I don't think she could get it over her eyes if she tried. I really, really need to go at her with a tape measure and see how big around her head is. :)

I think it turned out quite well! The yarn is recycled from a scarf and hat I made her four or so years ago. It was the first nice yarn I'd ever bought! Perhaps even the first yarn I'd bought, since everything else I'd been knitting with was random stuff that had been around the house since I was a kid. The original hat and scarf were also made before I knew her head was huge. And she doesn't wear scarves, so I cannibalized part of that.

Anyway, it looks very nice on her, and now her head can be warm and look cute.

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