Sunday, January 17, 2010

another hat!

For me this time.

I love this pattern madly. It's the Square Circle Hat, and I've been wanting to make one for AGES--ok, a couple of months--but I had to wait until after Christmas. Now I kind of want to make more. This hat makes me feel all modern and stylish, which doesn't happen all that often. :)

It's just in your basic Patons wool, but I held a strand of random formerly-a-Gap-sweater grey yarn with it, because I thought the purple was too plain. The effect is really nice! I wish I'd been able to find my size 7 needles to knit the main part of the hat, but I couldn't, so it's all on sixes. Anyway, I'm very fond of it. There's a strong chance I will make more in the future. Possibly for me. Because we all know I am wasting away for lack of hats.

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