Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Just ordered some yellow and orange yarn for the baby items I mentioned a while ago. I just got some stuff from KnitPicks, (ha ha, put that link in to be an enabler) because I figured if I don't like the colors--for a baby, God knows I'll put most oranges and yellows on myself--I at least won't be out too much cash.

Right. Because then of course I also bought a circular needle in a size I need--ok, well cheaper than anything I would find in a real live store around here--and, of course, some yarn for a pair of colorwork mitts I want to do next month. I could have just done some Endpaper Mitts, because, hey, I've got two colors of yarn that would look nice together, but nooo, I want to do something more complicated, such as the Snowflake Fingerless Gloves or a pair of Latvian Fingerless Mitts , and so, of course, some yarn was purchased.

I am rather proud that I at least kept myself from buying any sock yarn or anything. While KnitPicks is not my favorite yarn ever, they do have lots of nice colors, and the Palette yarn becomes pretty soft after it's been soaked a bit.

The next thing I need to acquire--argh, was so trying not to buy!--is some red acrylic. I need--yes, need--to make a pair of patriotic shorts. :)

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