Wednesday, January 6, 2010

can't say no to baby brother!

So normally I don't knit stuff when people ask me to--I have tons of stuff I want to knit, dammit!--but every so often someone in my immediate family will ask for something, and I really can't say no to them. You may remember the Devil Scarf I was knitting last summer? Yeah. Like that.

My new mission is much, much easier. My little brother's supervisor is due in March, and little bro has asked me to knit a baby item. He mentioned that "booties might be the cutest thing." I kid you not. So really, no problem, because A) booties go at the speed of light, and B) the supervisor apparently is very fond of orange and yellow. What? An excuse to buy orange yarn? When booties will use very little of it, so there might also be orange wristies for me? Don't mind if I do. :)

Ok, there will probably be a hat to go with the booties. Or two pair of baby foot-coverings, because babies grow so fast. Perhaps one pair for cold newborn spring, and then another pair for cold 10-month-old winter?

I'll have to ask him when he'd actually like to give her the item, because, blargh, I'm superstitious about very few things, but I always feel uneasy making items for someone who's not born yet. Like I'm tempting fate. Which is kinda stupid, but you can blame my mom, my grandmas, and all my aunts for this attitude. We all feel a little bit nervous when we have to go to baby showers.

Anyway! Orange or yellow yarn! I'm excited! I would like to buy it in person, because there's such a fine line between pretty orange and scary orange, but I've done quite a bit of online stalking, so if I have to go that route, I am ready. :)

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