Monday, February 22, 2010


I don't know how this happens, but I keep making myself blue and green gloves and mitts and whatnot. Like, I have three pair of blue and green handwarmy items. Which is nice--I like blue and green--but my winter coat is PINK. Would it kill me to make a pair of gloves in maroon or something?

Apparently it would.

I was planning to make another pair of Latvian-inspired something anyway . . . maybe now is the time to find something Pink Coat Friendly? Unfortunately I don't have any maroon or burgundy. Would be nice with grey--which I have--AND my coat.

Omg, totally useless post. Um . . . I wore my blue and green Latvian Mitts out in public today, and they were lovely and warm. I might have to make a pair of full mittens. I don't know. Would I wear mittens?

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