Sunday, July 31, 2011

staying ahead of the weather.

Over on Ravelry I'm part of an excellent group of hockey fans. We have a superfun playoff pool every year, and even though my picks were absolute crap this time around, I still came away with an excellent prize, Catalina Alpaca Silk. I admit I wound it up and started knitting away on a Saroyan almost as soon as I saw the stuff.

This is a lovely pattern, and very quick. The leaves are adorable. I admit that after I'd knitted about three leaves I started worrying that I was going to have a Leafy Thing Obsession. Be warned. There could be more leaves in the future, especially if I decide/have enough yarn to do a hat or mitts to match.

And speaking of obsessions:

Some of them will go to Children's Hospital, and I'll either sell the rest or give them as gifts. You see those yellow and blue ones? I love those madly. I may have to keep them.

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