Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm back!

Whew. So my computer went blooey about a week ago. Panic and terror ensued, but when I took it to the nice people at the Apple store (I love you Denis!) they told me that all it needed was to have its operating system reinstalled. Yay! So my brother sent away for a newer operating system than the one I had, and it came today and now all is well. I say again, YAY! My God, I missed iTunes.

I have been doing some knitting with the computer all busted: this is a hat I did just before the madness started. I have no idea where the hell the pattern is, so don't ask. I do know that it's Patons Classic in . . . some color that's named after a wine. (I'm always so gloriously exact, aren't I?) Oh, and this is that hat that was on a bowl on a stick. It's MUCH better for a good blocking. Floppier, as it's supposed to be. Or, at least, as I like it to be.

I'm thinking about sweaters, but not really getting anywhere. I--oh, I knit a good five inches of sock during the Super Bowl. Holy crap, what a game! I did feel slightly guilty, though: towards the end of the game my hands were getting tired, so I took a wee break. And the Cardinals started scoring and all this stuff, and though I try not to be superstitious, I picked up the ol' knitting, and lo and behold, the Steelers march down the field. Coincidence? I don't know. The worst of it was, then I had to KEEP knitting, and it's not easy to knit dark yarn on darkish size 1 needles when there's 40 seconds left in the game and you need a touchdown to win. And your hands are all sweaty and nervous. But I kept on, and Santonio caught the ball.

And I swear to you I'm not superstitious.

But what if it wasn't a coincidence???

The best part of all this is that I don't even particularly like the sock--I mean, it's a nice sock, a Jaywalker in some dark tasteful Trekking XXL, but not a GREAT sock--but I feel I shouldn't unravel it. It has MEANING.

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