Friday, July 31, 2009

because it's so chilly out, you know.

Right. I gave in, and am now knitting what will probably be the warmest sweater-like object EVER. I'm also expecting to hate it when it's done, but what the hell, I'm in the mood for some stockinette, and I'm using this SWS that I got for $1.50 a ball, so even if I just throw the damn thing out when I'm done, I'll only be out like twelve bucks. Sweet!

What am I making, you ask? See, that's the best part. I am so fully expecting this thing--we'll call it a jumper, and not in the British sense where jumper = sweater. It's like a long, sleeveless tunic sort of thing that I bet would be really nice in cotton. However, for some ridiculous reason I have chosen to make it in Patons SWS. Honestly, I'm so embarrassed by this thing that I can't believe I'm even telling y'all about it. (It's a Drops pattern, in case you're wondering, but like I can remember the number. Oh, wait, I have the pattern open in another tab. Hang on. 107-17, that's it. It's really cute. But I would suggest not making it in SWS.) Also, I never know what size to make for myself, so it probably won't fit.

Seriously, why am I even doing this?

It may be because I wanted to start SOMETHING new, and this is making me actually think about the stuff I want to make with the good yarn. I think I've chosen something, by the way. Also Drops, pattern--hang on--117-43. I have this light green alpaca that I've been wanting to make into a short cardigan for ages. So I'll probably do that once I figure out what size to make.

When I finish this 'jumper,' shall I take pictures of the trainwreck so we can all laugh together?

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