Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have been SO BUSY!

Ok. I'm still alive! My summer job has been wildly busy, and there has not really been a whole lot of time for knitting or blogging. Here are the few scraps I've done.

First up, the Big Green Blob!

It's going to be a tunic-y sort of pullover. I hope it fits. I get cold in the air conditioning. The miles and miles of stockinette are totally boring, but perfect to knit while you are babysitting the sound guy to make sure he gets all the cues right.

Second we have the Super Cute Winter Mitts, which are my mom's birthday gift. She's visiting me this weekend, and I just have to wait for them to dry before I give them to her. I kind of adore these mitts. I will be making a pair for myself, and possibly for a friend.

Maybe I'll do a link to the pattern when I finish my mitts? No time now! I have to go learn to sing Memory from Cats. WTF?

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