Monday, August 23, 2010

good lord.

Yeah. When I said I was busy, I wasn't kidding. But hey, now my summer of madness is over, and though I may be unemployed again, I have time to breathe. It's a fair trade, I think. For a while. I don't see why my life has to be either unemployment or jobs that need you to work 18-hour days. Clearly I need a new profession.

Anyway, I did knit a bunch of stuff towards the end there, when I was actually in a show and had a lot of time to knit while sitting around at rehearsal. Let me see if I can dredge up a photo or two . . .

Here we go! I did another Square Circle Hat, but this one with sock yarn--the yarn I won in our Puck This! hockey playoff pool on Ravelry. It's almost hockey season again, you guys! I will soon be able to wear my prize hat while watching games.

And I made a pair of basic ol' socks. Love the stripes. Thanks, Lolly!

I'm also making a pair of half-finger gloves with the rest of the stripey sock yarn, and then last night I knit up a slipper, totally on a whim. It's the sort that needs to be felted, so perhaps I will knit the other one today and felt them tomorrow, and see what happens. I'm curious to see if a felted slipper will actually be a useful item, and if it is, LOOK OUT. Those things knit up so fast that I will probably end up with a pair of slippers for every day of the week.

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