Wednesday, September 1, 2010

sock or glove?

So I'm knitting away at yet another sock--amazing how unemployment catches you up on the ol' knitting--and I'm wondering if it should really be an elbow-length glove. WTF? What do I need an elbow-length glove for? I do not have a 3/4 sleeve coat or jacket with which to show them off. But they're very pretty, and it might be sad to just have them go on feet.

Naturally I have not taken a picture of the awesome, mostly since my computer has been on the blink, and corrupted files in iPhoto have been the problem, and even though it's supposedly all fixed, I don't even want to open that application right now. So I will just tell you that the yarn is Malabrigo sock in some kind of excellent purple-ness (I bought it last year, wound it into a ball, and promptly lost the tag, so yeah, beats me) and the pattern is Ripple Weave Socks, by Charlene Schurch.

If I didn't loathe doing this kind of stitch pattern so much (if I mess up, I can never tell how to put it right!) I would totally make myself a whole sweater in it, because I love love love the way it looks. Maybe someday if I hit the lottery and can afford a whole sweater's worth of some sort of purple Malabrigo sock, I will force myself to do that sweater. Because it would be sweet.

Um, so, do we think I should make gloves or socks? Socks would be easier, because I have a pattern (and there's an eye of partridge heel on the horizon!) but gloves might be super-awesome. And I don't think I own a decent pair of full-fingered gloves right now. Hmmm . . . but there's just something so satisfying about knitting a sock. I don't know what to do!

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