Sunday, September 12, 2010

grey tangle of mess

It's my Vernal Equinox Shawl! Check it out:

It may look like a big ol' scribble now, but all the finished ones I've seen pictures of are gorgeous. I do kind of wish that I had prettier yarn to make it out of (this is just an old unraveled grey sweater) but I'm sure it'll be nice just the same. And grey goes with most things, so I'll probably wear it a lot. If it ever gets finished. Let me tell you, Clue #4 is taking forever, mostly because I don't have any real lace needles. Stubby tips + double decreases = pain in the rear.

As for my glove, it has most of one finger finished! It's going to be quite nice. But, ha, looking at the pattern on Ravelry I discovered that there's actually an error in the chart (I admit I thought it was a little weird when I started, but I was like, oh well, whatever) but when I look at the glove, I like how it looks and there's really no problem. To my eyeballs, anyway.

(I'm also dithering over whether I want to make my mom a lace wrap or a sweater for Christmas. I need to decide soon, because whichever it is, there will be a lot of knitting involved.)

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