Thursday, October 20, 2011

ok, I've been busy.

Here's part of the reason you haven't heard from me lately. I went to Philly for the weekend, and ate lots of cupcakes.

My friends and I were sensible and cut all the cupcakes into thirds so we could taste them all and yet only eat the equivalent of two whole cupcakes. Yeah. Two whole cupcakes were still too much, and we were all lying around the apartment like Calvin and Hobbes in that Halloween strip where Calvin says that if anyone even mentions Milk Duds he's going to barf. Yeah. That was us. Good times.

I also managed to catch some stupid virus or something that has left me as weak as a very weak thing. There has not been any knitting in the past week. Yeah. ANY. That's positively unheard of around here. Here's some of the stuff I'm working on, though.

A Morgain shawl. Still in the scraggly stage. This was going to be for the handmade grab bag, but my mother and I went to the opera recently, and she was hinting Very Strongly that she could use a large black lacy shawl (she really liked my Vernal Equinox Surprise Shawl) so now I'm thinking maybe I'll just give her this one? It's more than halfway done, and I can't seem to find a pattern I love for her, so . . . I'm sure I can find something else to make for the grab bag.

And these guys are a pair of improvised leg warmers. With free-form cables. I know, it sounds all artsy, but it's really just because I'm too lazy to count. I like the one with the crossing cables better than I like the zig-zag cables, but I'm too lazy to re-do the zig-zag one, so whatever. The leg warmers are definitely more for warmth than for fashion, anyway.

I'm sure you will all be appalled to know that when I was in Philly I went in at least one yarn store and did not buy a damn thing. I know, right? But I had just bought some stuff at a local sale before I left, so the yarn budget was down . . . but today I saw that an awesome local craft fair is coming up soon, so maybe I'll get some fancy hand-dyed yarn there. Just because.

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