Saturday, October 22, 2011

yarn store haul!

It's only a smallish and not very interesting haul, but I'm fond of it nonetheless.

I went to Natural Stitches' pre-inventory sale last week, intent on picking up some black yarn for socks for my mom (yeah, don't need that anymore,) some green cotton for some Christmas potholders, and some random thing for me.

I did pretty well--couldn't decide between the greens, so I got both, and the For Me yarn is some Cascade 220 superwash which I think will end up as some kind of leg warmer or boot sock-ish thing. I probably should have gotten a third skein, but oh well, the budget calls.

I'm actually pretty excited about the Christmas potholders. If they are even half as fabulous as they are in my mind, they'll be quite fabulous indeed.

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