Friday, July 6, 2007

Ha ha!

Had a moment of semi-evil genius the other night--Fourth of July, actually, when I was still too bummed out about Scooter Libby to party. (And yes, I am PISSED at the Bush Administration for ruining a perfectly good holiday. And it ain't just Scooter they ruined it with.) Anyway, if you aren't going to drink beer and shoot off fireworks (though not at the same time, I like having hands) what's the next obvious option? That's right, fun with Garter Crack. It looked like Tetris on my floor for a good long while, but I now have A Plan. It's amazing how many of my haphazardly-created Crack Squares go together to make larger Themed Squares. So now all I have to do is make up numbers and fill in the missing bits, and I shall have me a blanket.

Oh, but I also have to figure out what color to sew it all up with, and if I want a border or not. Believe me, these are tough questions and I ponder them frequently in my time offstage.

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