Friday, July 13, 2007

what's all that blue stuff?

Right. So I've been trying, for approximately two days, to do a post about the Large Blue Stripey I am making my brother for his birthday. I say 'trying' because I want to put a picture, but my internet is too freakin' slow, and nothing will upload. Gah. So just picture me crocheting away on a Large Blue Stripey backstage in really crappy light, and you'll have a general idea.

Oooh, and though I still have about ten Crack Squares left to make, I may start sewing them together soon. The ones who are definitely going to make larger squares together need to start staying in groups.

What else . . . oh, I have also sent the Blacke Sockes to my mum for her birthday. In about seven days we'll see if they fit.

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