Friday, February 1, 2008

one of the classic blunders

No, I did not get involved in a land war in Asia. I forgot that I have the narrowest shoulders on God's earth, and so, while my poncho is all super and 60's around my bosom and hips, it's a tad . . . I dunno, 80's, maybe, around the shoulders.

Fuck. I mean, the whole point of this poncho is that somehow two rectangles with a hood (and some buttons) manage to look adorable, so it's not like I want to re-do it and make some weird oblongs look cute with a hood.

Gah. Curse you, narrow shoulders! (I might also add that it's come to my attention recently that my head is narrow. Great.) Now I don't get to be super or 60's. No, I just get to do some unraveling and decide what to try this yarn as next.

Son of a bitch.

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