Friday, February 1, 2008

Oh, my poor blog.

I really, really miss having my very own computer.

But enough of woe! Remember the big ol' swathe of seed stitch I posted a while ago? That was gonna be the Super 60's Poncho? Well, I've finally gotten back to it, and now have a back and a front. Today's mission is to sew some shoulders together and then, if we're very, very lucky and it fits, start on the hood. We could be super, 60's style, by Sunday if everything goes well.

Then it could be Super 60's Poncho Sunday, instead of merely Super Bowl Sunday.

Dude, I wish I were still in Phoenix, though I'll probably get more wear out of my poncho here in the frozen north.

(Oh, I will also have to get buttons. Choosing buttons will probably slow down the process considerably.)

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