Wednesday, October 31, 2007

quick update

Almost too busy to blog these days . . . but here's a peek at the Super 60's Poncho. The only reason you're getting a photo of this is because I took it about a week ago and never got around to blogging about it.
I love how this is knitting up, but I think it may not be wide enough. So I have to decide if I want to chance it, or rip it all out and add another inch or two. The problem is that it really is a 60's pattern (and if I wasn't tired, lazy, and cranky, I'd get the link for you) and therefore the sizing is nothing like what we're dealing with today. I think the largest size printed is a 16, and it's definitely too small for me. And I'm not very large. Making it bigger is not the real issue, but figuring out how it's supposed to fit so I can make it the right size to look like the supercool picture is.

Anyway. For now we shall just enjoy the Cascade 220 in Lapis, shall we? (And yes, now that I've used this yarn I know why everyone likes it so much. It's just . . . nice. I'm trying to come up with an appropriate simile but am tired, lazy, and cranky. Goodnight.)

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