Monday, October 15, 2007


Hey, so I got invited to Ravelry today! Perfect timing, because a new time-suck is just what a person needs when she's packing for a ten-week excursion. Believe me, I wasted a good chunk of time trying to think of a screen name (I always feel like such a loser about screen names) and finally came up with the scintillating KateBee. The 'Bee' part is because I happened to glance at my Burt's Bees lip balm right when I'd decided to type in the next thing I thought of. It was either that or something inspired by the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack, because that's what's playing, but 'Maxwell Demon' made me feel self-conscious, and 'Personality Crisis' too contrived, and 'Needle in the Camel's Eye,' while almost appropriate, was just too long.

Anyway. I have a feeling Ravelry will make me feel more like a hack than ever, but I think the whole catalog o' projects aspect will be v. useful. Since we all know I can never afford the recommended yarn.

In other news, has anyone seen the Vogue Knitting holiday issue? There are some terrifying things inside. Be very afraid.

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