Monday, October 1, 2007


My mother is a big fan of the garage sale, and while she does not knit, she sews and is a fan of all things fiber. So I was digging through some random knitting stuff today, and as a result I now have:

  • One elderly white plastic US 2 (3mm) dpn. I'm hoping to find its friends eventually, as I have none that size.
  • A zillion (ok, six) size US 4 aluminum straight needles, in various colors.
  • One extremely heavy steel crochet hook, size I. (At least I think that's the size. It could just be a random I. Crochet hook sizing freaks me out with those letters.)
My cable needle also came out of my mom's random craft stuff, but I found that about a year ago.

And yes, I have been knitting stuff. Most of it I've ripped out, but one of it has led to the discovery that the tiered skirt pattern from Vogue Knitting's summer issue a couple of years ago is Really Cute. So now I have to buy some slightly more appropriate yarn and make a real one.

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