Sunday, September 23, 2007

sorry, can't think of anything witty

It's too early in the morning for wit. Ooog.

However, it's not too early in the morning for a knitting update! I really have been knitting stuff:

Last night I put about four miles of i-cord on the Polychrome Barf Blanket. (It just took me five tries to spell 'polychrome.' It's apparently too early to spell.) Ok, so it wasn't miles, but it was long enough for me to get bored enough to do math (and that's long) and discover that I was doing 144 inches worth of i-cord. Argh. But it looks really nice, and I watched a combination of Psycho and So You Think You Can Dance while doing it, so I wasn't all that bored.

I have not, however, finished sewing in all of those cursed ends.

Other than that I have been having fun with the top-down raglan. I made one shrug-like item, which I think I mentioned before--but it's too early to deal with iPhoto, so no pictures today. I've also started a sweater, which, like most things I do with stripes and colors, will either be gorgeous or butt-ugly. I was firmly convinced of gorgeous for a while, but the purple is browner than it looked in the ball, and now that it's in the sweater I'm not entirely sure. Ah well. It'll be warm. And stripey. And I think it's going to fit! Whee!

I'm also trying to decide what to make people for Christmas. Should I make my parents a blanket? What to make the brothers? I set the bar far too high for my brothers: the first year I was knitting presents, I made one of them these awesome Batman wristwarmer thingies, and really, where can you go after Batman?


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