Wednesday, September 5, 2007

cramping my style.

Now, I didn't realize that knitting in public was any sort of odd (such that it would need its own acronym) before I started reading the blogs. I've been knitting in public places for most of my short knitting career. I see it as another way to pass the time, just like a book or playing random games on my iPod.

But oddly enough, I don't like knitting in front of my family. I don't know why I'm weird about it. Maybe because if they ask questions--and they will ask questions--I can't tell them to fuck off? Maybe because they're artistic and I think they're judging my color choices? Or maybe because I'm pathologically private and don't like having anything I'm doing commented on.

Whatever it is, I'm at home with the family, and am missing out on hours of tv-and-knitting bliss, all because I'm too squeamish to take my I-Threw-Up-A-Rainbow Log Cabin Blankie downstairs.

Le sigh. Such a waste.

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