Thursday, September 13, 2007


I have finished the main part of the Rainbow Chunks Blanket! Yay! Now I have to sew in four zillion ends (no exaggeration) and do some i-cording, and then all that's left is to sit comfortably and wait for my invitation to the baby shower.

One of my other projects for today, now that it has finally gotten coolish, is to package up the Rainbow Baby Socks (remember those? Do I have a Rainbow Theme? Possibly. I like to sing about them, too.) and send them to another baby I know. I hope they fit her. I feel vaguely weird about asking the kid's mom to measure her feet.

In other news, I gave myself a mega allergy attack yesterday while reclaiming yarn from a scarf someone bought me last year. I've never worn the thing, and I thought well, I can have fun with variegated pink chenille, right? Yeah, right after I can breathe again. I'm always far too optimistic that this time, the dust won't kick my ass quite as bad. And then my nose goes stuffy and my throat closes up, and I start wondering why people can't breathe out of their ears, because my two intake valves are clearly fucked up. It was a little bit scary, I'll admit it. And now I'm realizing that I should probably put that yarn in the freezer before I try to make anything out of it. It would be so humiliating to be slain by pink chenille.

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