Saturday, September 8, 2007

just so we know

In case any of the 1 1/2 people who read this were wondering, yes, I am still alive, and yes, I am still knitting stuff. The I-Threw-Up-A-Rainbow Blanket is nearly done, though progress has been stalled since I've run out of tv shows to watch, and 120-stitch garter rows are not to be thought of without outside entertainment. I still can't decide if the ITUARB is cool or ugly, and really, I should probably look into how big baby blankets usually are. Still, it's not made in China, so it should be ok for my friend's baby to lick.

And then I was looking through my meager stash (it really doesn't deserve to be called a 'stash') yesterday and discovered some decent old yarn that my mom found at an estate sale a while ago. There's not a lot of it and it's not my personal favorite colors--there's some camel and some eggplant--but it just might make a really cute shrug. We shall see. I suppose I can always give it to someone if I decide the camel is too close to the color of my skin.

Pictures eventually, my friends. I've been totally slacking on the photo front.

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