Sunday, October 7, 2007

Shrug Saga

Yep, you're gonna get a blow-by-blow of my Adventures In Shrugland. Today's installment begins with good news: after much slogging through the perils of this series of tubes we call the internets, our hero has Found A Pattern! Yay! It even uses size 10 needles, which was a necessary part of the Quest, due to things like What Gauge The Yarn Looks Nice At.

The Pattern also calls for some 9's, but our hero also has a pair of those. Or does she? A quick search through Our Hero's Mug o' Needles (please ignore the chopsticks and powder brush) reveals only one elderly plastic 9:

(elderly plastic 9 seen second from left.)

Our Hero knows she has another EP9: she used them to knit her First Ever Scarf, but that was two years ago, and she's really not sure where it may have gone since.


See, Our Hero may be going to the opera on Tuesday, and it's always cold in the opera, and it would be nice to have a badass shrug. Since the 9's are only needed for a small part of the Pattern, Our Hero may just work the cuffs on 8's and hope for the best. Unless Our Hero has a set of double-pointed 9's that she's forgotten about, but she's pretty sure she doesn't.


It was all so close to perfect.

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