Saturday, October 6, 2007

Just so we all know:

Figuring out how to knit glove fingers is exhausting. I need a nap, and I've only got the pinky done.

There is a chance, however, that I will get to like this process. I'm pretty sure that the first time I tried to turn a heel I felt pretty chewed up and spit out. Ohh, how my brain hurts. And how I cursed at those twelve little stitches.

Why do hands have so damn many fingers?

(I am actually really enjoying making the gloves, even if I'd been jonesing for sock yarn to make socks, and it is Socktoberfest, and then I finally get sock yarn and I make gloves. Oy. Well, there's probably a 'Glovember' out there, and I can just say I've gotten a head start.)

(And will someone remind me that, though I do like variegated yarns and self-stripers, that I really loathe the ones that have a black yarn twisted the whole way through? I think this may be the stuff they call 'marled' yarn, though I'm not v. good at classifications yet. Anyhow, this stuff I've got would be a lot prettier if it didn't have the black making it messy. I need to remember this so I don't buy anything of the sort Ever Again. It makes me angry.)

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