Saturday, November 3, 2007

Festival of Seed Stitch

Yesterday I knit 12 1/4 inches by 19 1/2 inches of mostly seed stitch. It's got three inches of garter stitch on each edge for a border, but that's not enough to detract from the immense quantity of seed stitch I'm doing these days.

And yes, in true Me Form, I decided that the part of the poncho I had knit was not wide enough, so there will be much Starting Again. However, given yesterday's stats, even if I only work on it at rehearsal, if I stick to it, I should have it done by Thursday.

I probably won't stick to it. I like to knit little bitty Christmas things in between. (Like yesterday I also put the thumb on the second of my Fingerless Man-Gloves. All I have to do is sew in the ends and I will have a Finished Christmas Present! I'm like a department store with the early Christmas action.)

Ok. Seed stitch today. Tomorrow the world!

And there's a chance that I'm going to JoAnn's today to look for brown yarn to go with the Autumn Mess yarn so I can make a hat to so-called match my gloves. More 'go with' than match.

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