Thursday, November 22, 2007


My hands hurt.

I knit waaaay too much yesterday. I blame this on watching Transformers, which is the longest movie since King Kong. And since I was watching it on dvd, yep, I was knitting. Through the longest movie ever made about toys. Owwwww.

Got a hell of a lot done on my pastel blanket, though. Am now reasonably optimistic that I'll finish it in time. Or at least close enough to time for it not to be embarassing. The kid will get it before she's two, and I have to keep adding borders because she's gotten bigger. Freakin' kids. That growing thing is madness.

And of course, today is Thanksgiving. If I were home, there would be no knitting, so my hands could rest up, but I am not at home, and will be having dinner with a bunch of people who will probably make me crazy after an hour, so I may have to take something with me to do. I just won't get it near the cranberry sauce. Which I made yesterday and which is delicious.

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