Saturday, November 10, 2007

i should really stop slacking.

Because there's that big, gift-ridden holiday coming up in two months. Which means I should stop knitting random things like just-cause-I-wanna socks and actually choose a sock pattern for my dad. Argh.

Well, my show has opened, which means I will now have more free time than you can possibly imagine, so I should be able to get this stuff done, even though the show itself contains less knitting time than I thought it would. Let's just say I wasn't expecting to have to change my costume for every entrance, and every costume has a zillion accessories--oh, so difficult playing a rich, glamorous woman--so it takes me a while to undo myself and then put things back together.

And I'm thinking I really do need a trip to a yarn store so I can find stuff to make those squirrel mittens. I must know someone who needs squirrel mittens. Or who would find squirrel mittens extremely entertaining. I'm all for entertaining people with my knitting.

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