Thursday, November 15, 2007


Wasted. Wine Wednesday has kicked my butt.

Which is too bad as I wanted to knit some more stuff today. I'm getting a tad nervous about my current baby log cabin blanket. The kid's birthday is December 9. I need to haul ass. I've decided (as of today) that I'm going to knit the thing in four two-foot blocks, because the thought of doing a four-foot row of garter stitch makes me want to kill myself. So I'll fake me out by doing smaller blocks, yeah? I'll probably hate them soon. However, I think this means I get to go to the store tomorrow and pick up some more yarn, as all my estimates were off. Oh well. I'm only using Peaches n' Cream and Sugar n' Cream. Don't tell anyone. I'm not being very posh. Makes a cute blanky, though.

Ok. Time for drunken self to go to bed, so can get up in the morning and purchase the yarn.

(It took me four tries to spell 'purchase.' I need sleep. Goodnight.)

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Tamara said...

See, whenever I've tried knitting the end-product looks like I was drunk. At least you have an excuse. Although your knitting looks remarkably sober. I guess there's some inverse equation going on here... Sober + yarn = drunk knitting. Drunk + yarn = sober knitting. Drunk + knitting = long yarn!