Wednesday, November 7, 2007

*gasp* more than one thing!

I've got another exciting piece of news for folks who don't knit: yes, I frequently work on more than one thing at a time. It depends on how much concentration the thing takes, or how boring the thing is, or if I'm just plain tired of blue yarn. Or big needles. Or cotton yarn. Believe me, I have lots of needles. I can do lots of things at once.

One of the things I'm making is this scarf. It's for mindless backstage knitting and will probably end up as a present. It's some Lion Brand Micro-Spun. Found two skeins of red for a dollar each. Perfect for random actor Christmas gifts.

And I finished these for a Christmas present for one of my brothers. (I'm pretty sure they haven't found this blog. They'd better not. I'd feel like a total idiot if my brothers knew I blogged about knitting.) Anyway these are the Trigger Gloves from a 1940 Knit-For-The-Troops pattern. (Am still too lazy to link. Sorry. Tech rehearsals do that to you.) These were super easy to knit, but slightly dull. I think gloves need some sort of stitch pattern to keep me interested. Still, quick. And left enough yarn over for a pair of short socks, so yay. Mostly I am hoping that the yarn is manly enough for a dude.
And the seed stitch poncho continues, but you can just look at the last picture of it, because it still pretty much looks like that.

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