Friday, November 23, 2007

Is it too early to press the Panic Button?

I just made a list of Christmas presents. Not stuff I want, no, that would be Too Easy: stuff I'm giving. And lots of it is knitwear. And do you realize how few knitting days there are left until Christmas?

Of course you do: if you're reading this you're probably a knitter. And you might be panicking too.

On the other hand, with my mom's hat done, my most time-consuming item (besides that damn blanket) is out of the way. Socks for my dad are next, and I'm not sweating the gloves for my brothers too bad because if you really have to, you can make a glove in a day. (This is good, I'm making myself feel much better.) And some of the hats on the list are optional. Funny how a hat makes such a good default gift. Scarves seem so wimpy, even though I love scarves and wear them often.

Ok. Should no doubt stop blogging and get back to the ol' sweatshop. I could finish my second Unoriginal Hat, which is even more original than the previous one, or I could do the blanket, or I could cast on for socks . . . maybe I'll do socks. Haven't done socks in about a day and a half.

(And yes, I've started listening to the Christmas music. Love it. Benjamin Britten, you're next.)

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