Wednesday, January 23, 2008

just popping in

Right. Computer still broken. Parents' computer, naturally, has something wrong with the photo application, so can't upload pictures, rendering this blog boring and tragic.

Am still knitting, of course. Have recently made a pair of gloves and a hat for a friend whose birthday is today, actually. I hope, as always, that they fit.

Am now making a pair of gloves for me, out of the leftover psychotic green yarn from that last pair of socks I did. I figure no one but me would really want to wear neon camouflage gloves, and since I actually don't own any gloves with fingers, it's a more-or-less perfect match. Well, and they will also have to have powder blue fingers, since I don't quite have enough green.

Ooooh, and this pair of gloves also proves that I can totally make gloves from the stats in my head. Sweet!

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