Monday, January 7, 2008


Right. For the approximately two people who read this, I hope you haven't given up on me! I have not quit knitting or anything, no, my computer went into a coma the day after Christmas, and my never regain consciousness. Well, that's not true, and the only reason this isn't a post of extreme woe and panic is that the hard drive is ok, it's just the machine that's busted. So, yes, expensive, but nothing irreplaceable has been lost. Though I am kind of pissed about all the knitting patterns I had bookmarked.

Anyway, on to more pleasant things, like the fact that this year's Christmas knitting was quite well-received, and all seems to fit. My mother particularly liked her hat. My brother may have spent last night using his socks as hand puppets, but at least fun was had. My other brother says that his fingerless gloves will come in quite handy if he ever has to play a homeless man in a musical. I think he may have been mocking me.

And now, on to knitting other stuff! Have to go re-find the pattern for that 60's poncho and finish it up. So I can wear it and be 60's-tastic.

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Rene' Ardesch said...

Hey Kate, Glad your back and Happy New Year! Rene'