Friday, December 21, 2007


Santa has brought the photos!

This is the stuff I've made for my family, aka the stuff with the Good Yarn.
The Shedir hat and the Lake Park gloves for my mom:

Socks for my dad (I love the way the Wildfoote feels when it's knit up, but it's pretty splitty and a bit of a pain in the tushie to work with. Still, the loveliness of the finished product totally wins,) and two pair of fingerless gloves for the brothers. The black ones are Lanett, and I love them and wanted to keep them. So I threw them in a box and mailed them before I got too attached. They're really gorgeous. Hard to believe that plain black mostly stockinette could be that gorgeous, but they are. Somehow the yarn manages to make this simple pattern extremely elegant. And now I don't have any more Lanett to make out with, and I am sad.

I still have one more set of gloves to make, for the third brother, but I don't like the way the green Opal is knitting up, so I have to make a new plan. But since I'm going home two weeks after Christmas, my mom has decreed that we'll just do Christmas then, so I've got plenty more knitting time. I have enough time to knit pants if I wanted to. Which I don't. Knit pants are so last year.

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